worker bee

Staying late in the office has a certain appeal. There is peace and quiet and I am finally able to blast my music (and so break that peace and quiet) and settle down to work. To churn out the next set of documents, to consisten-fy two or more documents, to draft emails, to opine, to … Continue reading

Hilary Mantel

Scrolling back to the previous blog post, I realise this is my first blog post for the year! Wow, it’s time to start writing again. What better way than to begin with a book review. I was very taken with Hilary Mantel’s Man Booker Award-winning book, Wolf Hall. It’s everything I want in a book, … Continue reading


In a bid to feel productive, I am writing this blog post. It’s been a while since I last wrote anything and I realise that Facebook takes up a huge chunk of my time. It’s a little senseless if I think about it. The first thing that greets me when I log in is all … Continue reading


Living in a HDB flat means that occasionally I have funerals at my void decks. This particular void deck of mine doesn’t attract weddings, perhaps due to the numerous funerals. White setting means a christian funeral rite while gold, multi-colour wreaths together with chanting monks and smoke means a taoist or buddhist funeral. Either way, … Continue reading

Investments and its iffy-ness

Temasek Holdings sold its Barclays and Bank of America stakes, causing many to wonder what the hell it is doing. Yeah, what the hell is it doing?! That was my first reaction. I didn’t know their investment strategy except to see alongside the news (that they have sold the relevant stakes) a small article on … Continue reading


It’s twelve noon and a cool draft is in the room. It’s nice being able to sit in front of my computer, listening to the sounds of life that are still about – the last train roaring back to wherever it came from, the occasional motorcycle and the buzz of the refrigerator. There I was, … Continue reading


Watchmen is a mixture of gore, slow-motion action scenes and cool CGI mixed into a three hour film that flies by as the body count in the movie increases. It’s got an M18 rating but honestly, some scenes were so ghastly that I wanted to gag at some parts of the show. Talk about a … Continue reading


I’ve always wondered what’s the point of expressing your feelings, especially negative ones when it doesn’t do any good, spreads that negative energy around the space you’re in and anyone within that radii and basically infects the people you’re with? I realised that one needs to do that in order to stay sane, so that … Continue reading

Personal Hygiene (/public health)

Yes, I’m talking about personal hygiene. There I was having my dinner at a coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio and I see this family of four by the walkway. They stopped and the mother decided to relieve the daughter at this bush. Let’s call it the peeing bush. Well, the daughter did what she was … Continue reading


The New Year beckons. A brand new 2008 with no mistakes in it. The proverbial clean slate, and all within the next 24 hours. As you get older, the years slip past and it’s harder to keep track of the days. There are parts of the day when you sleep and then there’s the rest … Continue reading