my world

Another day, another weekend flies past at light speed. After the social activities, the festivities (I had a wedding dinner to attend), there’s only Sunday night left. The weekend seems way too short and Monday hearkens.The year’s going to end! Oh gosh, time flies. I’ll be right smack in my mid twenties. What am I … Continue reading


There are times when there’s a burst of inspiration and suddenly my fingers start having a life of their own at the keyboard and the words just flow out without me having even thought of them before. These are moments when I bang away at my keyboard and vent of all my frustrations and pent … Continue reading


Communication oughtn’t be so difficult. She’s my mother, she could just state quite simply that she didn’t want to go in the first place, weren’t interested in the first place. We can then put aside that awkwardness that affection brings, the consideration for each other’s feelings and thoughts and un-complicate things a little. So there’ll … Continue reading


An eighty old man died. The cause of his death: he was infected with flesh eating bacteria while eating crabs. I think the crabs came from Indonesia. And life deals you its bizarre blows. It stinks to be healthy and going strong at eighty, and then to contract some disease (or attract some bacteria) that … Continue reading