Politics of Japan

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently had an unpleasant shock at the polls. He has made history by leading his political party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) into a crushing defeat at the recent Upper House Polls. In one fell swoop, the opposition party, the Democratic Party, seized control of the upper house for the … Continue reading

On Freedom

International Media 1.      Freedom in the World 2006 ranked Singapore 5 out of 7 for political freedom, and 4 out of 7 for civil liberties (where 1 is the most free), with an overall ranking of “partly free”. 2.      In August 2006, the government announced a tightening of rules on foreign publications previously exempt from … Continue reading

of blogs and more

It’s really nice to have spirited discussions. Especially spirited discussions that, unexpectedly, will get recorded in the blogs that float around cyberspace. I’ve too many liabilities floating around in cyberspace (think petition). Maybe I had it coming but here goes, the extended discussion about IMF/WB in ad verbatim no less by dionysian: The views of … Continue reading