post national day

National Day is over. But apparently, the festivities are not. I still hear the song ‘There’s no place I’d rather be” playing over and over again at Funan Centre where I was having lunch with a friend. It grated on my nerves. My friend was irritated too and he pointed out a pertinent point in … Continue reading

Fear not

James Joyce depresses me. I am reading his Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist and he details the conversion of a young man to Catholicism. From a youth who had unbridled lust and resorted to prostitutes to satiate this lust, he became most pious and devout. A conversion almost miraculous in its transformation … Continue reading

On Littering

We are talking about littering a lot these days. It seems to be every where, on the news channel and in the newspapers. They’ve been sneaking in an article here and there for about a month now. That’s my personal  sneaking suspicion, but yeah, we get it, increasing amount of littering, bring back the Corrective … Continue reading

On Language and Money

Let’s talk about language, as a social divider, a class definer or perhaps just definitive of a person. This is about the battle between Singlish and the Queen’s English. What is it about Singlish that is so bad? Is it the butchered English, the lah’s and leh’s that pepper your average Singaporean conversation? Is it the … Continue reading

of blogs and more

It’s really nice to have spirited discussions. Especially spirited discussions that, unexpectedly, will get recorded in the blogs that float around cyberspace. I’ve too many liabilities floating around in cyberspace (think petition). Maybe I had it coming but here goes, the extended discussion about IMF/WB in ad verbatim no less by dionysian: The views of … Continue reading

Singapore Dreaming

I went to watch Singapore Dreaming today with addy and puddy. Heh, they are both kakis from Cedar. Addy had free tickets from MINDS and asked me. I initially had tuition but (and not for the first time), the students were not at home. Only the mother was home, and she wasn’t the one who … Continue reading