post national day

National Day is over. But apparently, the festivities are not. I still hear the song ‘There’s no place I’d rather be” playing over and over again at Funan Centre where I was having lunch with a friend. It grated on my nerves. My friend was irritated too and he pointed out a pertinent point in … Continue reading

gripes and such

Question: Why show BlogTv on the real television network? Isn’t the essence of the name itself that it should remain on blogs? I am just irritated at how some of these content are masqueraded as news. They are not news, in the blogging community of the US sense, they are merely opinions expressed on the … Continue reading

The concept of family is warped. Relatives are just people making more and more claims on me, thinking that I owe them something just because somehow we’re biologically related in some ways. I owe it to them to teach their precious sons and daughters. I owe it to them, as a relative, a cousin and … Continue reading


Faced with the ever increasing pile of personal property notes that I have to read by each week, I’ve decided to give it a rest. I do have other modules you know, Yock Lin. Seriously, unless you make this an eight MC course, why drown us in readings every week? It’s no point la. I … Continue reading