worker bee

Staying late in the office has a certain appeal. There is peace and quiet and I am finally able to blast my music (and so break that peace and quiet) and settle down to work. To churn out the next set of documents, to consisten-fy two or more documents, to draft emails, to opine, to list out stuff to do, to fill in (shudder) time sheets, to read some news and of course to blog.

The phone lines have finally stopped buzzing and I have finally stopped calling. After it’s past a decent time, it’s simply not courteous to call that person unless millions (or his ass) is at stake.

Of course, after a certain time, the brain decides to shut down as well. The printer that’s been hard at work all day printing your documents decides to take a breather too. It jams time and again, telling you implicitly that this is it, it has had enough of printing and it would like some god-damn rest, thank you very much.

That’s ok, all you need to do is just switch the printer off and on again. Gosh, I’m talking to my printer. This is not good.

I listen to my iPod at this point in time. I’ve had the same 3000 odd songs since 2005 / 2006 and not many songs have been added to it since. Yes, I am too lazy to sync it. The laptop that syncs it automatically has long been dead and not seen the light of day since 2 years back. I think that 3000 odd songs is enough for my late night sojourns in the office. I’ve listened to Les Miserables on quite a frequent basis and it hasn’t gotten old. When I feel particularly oppressed, the songs “One Day More” and “Do you hear the people sing” become my anthems.

Ok, time to head home. Goodbye, my familiar 1.5 metre times 1.2 metre desk. See you tomorrow.

One Response to “worker bee”
  1. I am catching up on your blog, and read the news about your mom. I’m sorry to hear about Mrs. J being ill. Click

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