In a bid to feel productive, I am writing this blog post. It’s been a while since I last wrote anything and I realise that Facebook takes up a huge chunk of my time. It’s a little senseless if I think about it. The first thing that greets me when I log in is all the status updates of my 190 so-called friends. So-called because no one has that many friends. But I spend the first 15 mins just scrolling down and finding out what everyone else is (or is not doing). Plus there are those quizes that people take to know more about themselves. You would think that after all these years of being in your own skin, you would know yourself the best. But hey, a Facebook quiz is here to help you in your bid to increase the level of self-absorption. Me, I do that all the time. Number 1 is an interesting topic for a few years running now.

Then there are the games. The addictive games that takes about 2 minutes and pits your high score against all your so-called friends. It’s demanding, exhilarating and gets facebookers hooked until the wee hours of the morning. Its draw is not to be underestimated.

My favourite application, or rather function of Facebook is its ability to upload tons of pictures and for your to surf all your ‘friends’ pictures as well. Voyeuring at its best! What better way then to find out how your secondary classmates look 10 years since you’ve met. Read comments, comment yourself and it’s just amazing how the next time you looked at the clock, about 2 hours has whizzed by. Not to mention the event invitation function as well. Invitations ranging from social gatherings to wedding dinners can be done through Facebook.

Think. How often does one use the term Facebook in normal conversation? Has it become as ubiquitous as Google? And how many of us recall its sinister classist beginnings which restricted membership to college students only (or those that manage to get a college email)? Right now, your mother can be on Facebook and that is a disturbing prospect for many.

Facebook – the ultimate social website. This is not said in an attempt to advertise or to criticise. We share a complicated relationship, oh how I hate myself for loving you. It happens.


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