Investments and its iffy-ness

Temasek Holdings sold its Barclays and Bank of America stakes, causing many to wonder what the hell it is doing. Yeah, what the hell is it doing?! That was my first reaction. I didn’t know their investment strategy except to see alongside the news (that they have sold the relevant stakes) a small article on how they have a very good transparent rating. Now, I’m no investor, but the amount of money lost is truly staggering. It was money to the tune of about S$4.6 billion. Now, to be honest, that much money doesn’t even mean anything to me. It is simply a figure, numbers thrown in the air. I do not know what a billion dollars look like, I cannot see how much money that is in my head. It could be the same number of atoms on a drop of ink on a page, but it still doesn’t mean anything.

Well, at least they are transparent, all Singaporeans now know exactly how much was lost.

It’s true that everything is much clearer with hindsight, and perhaps no one could have known that BOA wouldn’t be nationalised, which would greatly diminished the value of its stock. What would anyone do in TH position? Well, your guess is as good as mine and there is simply no way of foretelling the future. To me, it’s just another story concerning big dollars and hence newsworthy. It won’t increase or decrease my taxes. It won’t have a significant impact on anything that I do. Ergo, I’m not too bothered by it. It’s not apathy, it’s numbness.


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