It’s twelve noon and a cool draft is in the room. It’s nice being able to sit in front of my computer, listening to the sounds of life that are still about – the last train roaring back to wherever it came from, the occasional motorcycle and the buzz of the refrigerator. There I was, randomly surfing and wondering whether mr brown (no I’m not going to hyperlink him, that’s what google is for) is the only popular serious blogger we have in Singapore. I can think of many popular bloggers in Singapore, who blogs for a living but they’re entertainers and I find it hard to believe that they strike a deep chord in other people. Entertainment is entertainment ultimately and there may be substance to it, but that is rare.

Which makes me wonder why we haven’t got more serious bloggers to date? The region’s blogging scene seems quite active to me, including Malaysia and especially Korea where the approval or rather disapproval of the internet community is enough to make their artists commit suicide. Maybe Singaporeans are just lost in Facebook or Twitter and blogging actual paragraphs and detailing events and incidents is too much effort. But I find twittering slightly stupid. What is the point of me telling the world what I’m doing at 2.37pm in the afternoon? (1) who is interested in that sort of triviality? (2) A series of actions taken separately makes no sense in itself (3) I can think of better things to do with my time. But maybe I might be wrong and it’s like the haiku version of a poem, reduce it to 17 syllables and poetry will come out of it and blossom like a pretty flower in spring – simple and natural.

Hmm, somehow I doubt it.

Not that I mind Facebook. I think it’s a great tool to get hooked up to the rest of the 180 friends that I have and superpoke each other till kingdom come but sometimes, the idea of it eludes me. I’d rather spend time with a good friend or two then waste all that social energy on something that might or might not be able to reach another person. Surely we all have a limited amount of social energy, and once expended it will surely take time to be replenished. We are all disembodied commentators of uploaded photos with a profile picture. But hey, I think it’s convenient, fun and useful to amalgamate photos and commenting on them. It’s just that once the whole world started doing it I was a little perturbed. Once everyone gets on the bandwagon, it becomes the norm without question. And everytime when facebook tells me that I’d be granting access to the rest of my information once I clicked on an application, I would rather not have the application. Eventually, we all accepted it as the norm, regardless of whether they are your colleagues (or even your boss!). And so we surrender all our personal infomation, good thing I have not updated my records and details for the longest time.

On an altogether separate final note, I hope the economy will bounce back on its own two feet and I’ll stop feeling guilty for shopping.


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