Watchmen is a mixture of gore, slow-motion action scenes and cool CGI mixed into a three hour film that flies by as the body count in the movie increases. It’s got an M18 rating but honestly, some scenes were so ghastly that I wanted to gag at some parts of the show. Talk about a graphic novel, this will be it. It’s got bloodfest written all over it and though presented in a somewhat artistic manner, the sheer violence of the main characters and the comic book villains is nauseating. Although it seeks to be thought-provoking in a does-the-ends-justify-the-means kind of way, the point seems to be lost in the cool CGI and the action-packed sequences and yes, the blood or blood + water or just mashes of flesh and blood mixed together. And throughout the film, there’s a monotonous raspy voice as the narrator. Boy, you know from the beginning he’s not normal.

Normal is not what this film is. It’s not the normal superheroes movie and seeks to be the anti-superhero movie. It’s not just about the good bad-boys or the bad-good boys, but its about the disillusioned demi-god good bad guys that makes the cynical bad guys look good. All in all, it’s a cool movie and it is unpredictable (that is, if you haven’t read the graphic novel / its synopsis) shocking and absurd. The director definitely did not pull punches in this one, and each plot turn hits you in the face. I seldom cover my eyes and turn my face away in a movie but I did that a couple of times in this one.

Maybe I’m just squeamish. But the whole effect of the movie is unsettling – its raw, unbridled violence exhibited without qualms by the main characters and the elegance and efficiency of pure evil are all portrayed. All in all, this makes me uncomfortable. So if you want a feel-good movie on a Saturday evening, go catch something else. Leave this dark and brooding movie for another dark and gloomy day. There is definitely no good triumphing over the evil in this movie and it’s all about exploring the gray side – and I paraphrase the Comedian ” .. it’s all a practical joke, I thought I knew how the world works, but it’s all just a joke.”

Do catch the movie though. It makes good fodder for post-movie discussion.


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