I’ve always wondered what’s the point of expressing your feelings, especially negative ones when it doesn’t do any good, spreads that negative energy around the space you’re in and anyone within that radii and basically infects the people you’re with? I realised that one needs to do that in order to stay sane, so that the knot in your stomach will go away and that black ball of fury (or assorted other emotions) does not cause you to implode within. It is essential, so that one can get over that feeling and move on to other things. That’s why people need someone to talk to I suppose, they need that outlet to vent.

The futility of feelings, of communicating them when it doesn’t do a whit. The necessity of it nevertheless. The problem with logic is that the force of it is never quite as strong as feelings. One can understand logically, but it won’t cause the feelings to abate. Instead it adds to that sense of frustration, the frustration that one understands the other side but yet can’t help feeling the way one is and feeling smaller as a result. Ahh, the evil that empathy can do to oneself.

One Response to “Expression”
  1. marycherry says:

    gosh you only realized now? i’m amazed u haven’t imploded; explosion > implosion anyday for me!

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