Personal Hygiene (/public health)

Yes, I’m talking about personal hygiene. There I was having my dinner at a coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio and I see this family of four by the walkway. They stopped and the mother decided to relieve the daughter at this bush. Let’s call it the peeing bush. Well, the daughter did what she was told to do and gladly relieved herself there. All the while I was having this really great porridge. Needless to say, the porridge became less savoury after I witnessed the incident.

I was amazed that such things still happen in Singapore. Singapore, the lauded first world country, Singapore, the clean and green garden city. What’s worse about the incident was how stupid and thoughtless the parents were. I mean, think about it, that girl was about 3 years old. And she’s a girl, so even if she can aim better than the kids her age, the chances are that she’ll make a mess. So although they were near the bush, most of the pee ended up on the walkway, and some of it on the mother’s pants because she was helping her daughter. And the father stands by the side and grins as if it’s all a joke.

I can’t see the funny side of it, and I’m quite appalled at the incident. It seems straight out of one of those horror stories in travel books about backward countries. And I didn’t understand why the parents made the kid pee there. I mean, there was a shopping centre, the vast AMK hub just 100 metres away. They have toilets, which comes with a flush and basins and clean water. And the family was quite well dressed. The kids were decked out in cute outfits and there they have their daughter peeing near the sidewalk.

Well, they walked away as if nothing happened, and there was no passer-bys who were shocked enough to stand and stare and chide them. So it was all fine and dandy. So the rest of the world continues as if nothing happens. You have pretty, dolled up young ladies stepping on the puddle of pee unknowingly, thinking perhaps that it’s just water or something. Oh boy, if they only know.

2 Responses to “Personal Hygiene (/public health)”
  1. Rogue Lion says:

    Hello Yours is a well written article. You raise some very valid points about the standard of behaviour in present day society in gerneral. ~I worked here in the UK? for over ten years as a youth worker in a community centre. Indeed I?@ call Myself a “People worker£ (People not sheeple” lol – I love that word).

    I remember when I was at school as a kid in the UK and we learned in History about the middle ages and the time of Henry VIII. We thought it appaling that at that time in history even upper class people simply opened a window and used it as a toilet with absolutely no regard for whoever was passing in the narrow street below them. However as we know they had no alternative.

    Nowadays we like to call ourselves “enlightened” – “civilized.” We as a race believe we have progressed. However, the incident you refer to – “The Peeing Bush” is only too typical nowadays along with the fact that everyone seems to be numbed to the situation to the extent that they will walk by whilst seeing something like this ocurring and not turn a hair.

    The most ironic thing about the entire incident is that if someone did the same with their little girl on the property of the family you speak of they would go mad and demand all sorts of compensation probably calling one of these lawyers that advertise on TV – “no compensation – no fee”.

    “They call it progress but they are still slaughtering the whales”

    Thanmks again for a great piece

    Rogue Lion

  2. humanoidinterface says:

    hey Rogue Lion (which is a helluva name, btw)

    Thanks for dropping by! Glad you liked it. 😀

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