There are times when there’s a burst of inspiration and suddenly my fingers start having a life of their own at the keyboard and the words just flow out without me having even thought of them before. These are moments when I bang away at my keyboard and vent of all my frustrations and pent up emotion and let loose on the world exactly what I think about it. Not that it makes a difference to the world, the motive is purely selfish, I just need to say what I need to say.

First up, I think Joseph Heller is a genius. Too bad he died in 1999 because I’d really love to meet him. His books crack me up and the topics he focuses on are topics that are very close to my heart. His wit and humour makes reading on the train slightly embarrassing because there I’d be, in a corner of the train with stony faced people all around me and I’d suddenly start grinning and suppressing my laughter due to something funny I’ve read. Boy, I wish I can write like him. I’m reading God Knows, one of his lesser known books after Catch-22 and Closing Time, the sequel to it. It’s about the story of King David from a first person narrative. Funny as hell. I love all the biblical references and the life he injects into well-known stories.

Kinokuniya and Borders should have his entire collection (preferably all in the same series with similar covers that makes buying books and starting a collection so satisfying).

Ok, actually that’s all I have to say. It’s time to rest. The non-wakening period begins.


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