studying aids

Sunday. That’s 8 more days to the exams. As I sat at Amk Macs trying to cram the finer details of criminal procedure into my head, I can’t help but notice that about 80% of the people there are mugging. Perhaps we should give Macs a public service award, after all, where would all the students go without good ol’ Macs?

We buy one drink, sit there from morning till night. You might have macs for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or you can just go somewhere else and come back here. We use their toilet facilities, their powerpoint plugs and their free internet service. We sign up online to be members of the macs conglomerate, thereby making our one lone drink at macs cheaper and our studying more economical. Life is as good as it gets, especially when you’re studying.

Study with a friend or study alone. It doesn’t matter. You will be left alone. Making too much noise is fine too. The people studying there needs noise. If not the finer points of economics for instance, would be enough to lull anyone into a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. The noise from the patrons, the radio music that they play, the constant cleaning of the floor and tables are all part of the background cacophony, the sound landscape of macs. It all comes together to form a nice, harmonious hum known as white noise. You shut it out and concentrate what’s on hand (i.e. for instance, that particular point on the Takeover Code, Corporate Acquisitions and the like.)

And so a week passes by. One more week and it’s the grand ol’ exams. Wish me luck, or better yet, divine intervention.


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