This is an interesting post about fat acceptance : angry, sad and true. One of those gems you find on the dashboard before you log in to wordpress. Read it, and sleep on it.

Happy National Day Singapore! I squeezed with the crowds and managed to catch the fireworks display today! It’s the highlight of my day. My friends and I were making our way through the crushing crowds and eventually settled near fullerton hotel. I think the staff there were properly mortified. Their plants have been completely ruined, the crowds have trampled on the grass, flattened the hedges, and all for a glimpse of that 4 minute fireworks display. Well, it’s Fullerton. In view of the national day spirit, they really shouldn’t begrudge the crowds. You have the more well-heeled ones booking rooms at Fullerton, and I could actually see the hotel guests in their air-conditioned rooms, lying on their beds and looking at the window, while the rest of us commoners throng with the crowds, sweat pouring down our faces. And that my friends, is the Great Divide. But nevermind that, the weather was reasonably cool, there was wind if you could find a good spot and the best thing is, we soaked up the atmosphere entirely. The display was awesome, the crowd oohed and ahhed, children cheered and I clapped. Later the crowds heaved towards the MRT and of course, traffic on the roads came to a standstill. At some point in time, the crowds also broke through the barricade set by the police and since there was only a lone policeman at that juncture, there was nothing much he could do. They have stuck it to the Man successfully.

After that it was home sweet home. 42 years old and going strong. Way to go! 😉


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