the breakfast cereal family

The breakfast cereal family is a family that you see on TV when they advertise Kellog’s or some other brand of cereal. In the ad everyone gets up early in the morning, the father dons a tie, the mother wears an apron and there’s usually two kids: a boy and a girl, and they are all seated at the family table, having breakfast together in the morning. Of course, the cereal tastes great, and the family is smiling and everyone gets along.

Does the breakfast cereal family exists in the real world? Of course, normal people don’t wake up in the morning feeling estatic about living unless you’ve imbibed something you shouldn’t. But I’m talking about the happy families seen on tv, where family members don’t just love each other, they actually like them. They like their company and they like who they are and so on. This is different from love, which sometimes resemble duty especially where blood ties are concerned. A mother can’t help loving her child even though he / she may be a nasty brat. And parents would have to disappoint their children severely to squander the admiration that children usually have for their parents, especially at a young age.

Are people who come from breakfast cereal families happier and more hopeful about the world? Less jaded and more optimistic in their outlook in life? Are they more secure in society and live better lives? What about those who don’t come from happy families? Will that scar them for life? Paint a tainted perspective of life over their eyes that can’t really be removed?

All happy families resemble one another; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

That was quoted from the first line of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. I’ve only read one volume of the eight volumes of the tome of a novel, but yeah, that first line caught my attention.

Ultimately, one is not one’s parents.

2 Responses to “the breakfast cereal family”
  1. Ironica: says:

    A constructed happy family would end up dying without knowing life’s greatest pleasure: pain.

  2. humanoidinterface says:

    Woah. I didn’t know you’re a masochist. 😉

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