The good and the bad, the happy and the sad

Why do people bother with formal dinners? Especially dinners where you sit at a table with people that you don’t know from adam all around you. It makes for a claustrophobic effect. What with the closed doors and high ceilings, one feels that one cannot escape from this pretty and grand enclosed cage.

Dressed up to the nines, making small talk. It shouldn’t be that painful, but it is. It is painful. Especially when you’d rather be doing something else, anything else on a Friday night. Anything but listening to people who love the sound of their own voices, who have an opinion about everything under the sun. Forced to be civil and to smile, we continue to talk shop. News that have a bearing on all our lives, news about the profession. The comings and goings, the salary, the bonuses, the comparison of various firms.

It all struck me as incredibly false. The fact that we had to socialise did not make this any better. The fact that our seats were fixed was another thing altogether. Now you really admire wedding planners and how they come up with seating arrangements. Tough job, that.

A long two hours past, the food and its taste doesn’t seem to have meaning in these contrived surroundings. You noticed that they’ve polished the cutlery.

Human relations reduced to a word: networking.


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