Convocation. Also known as Commencement because graduation is not to mark an end but to celebrate a new beginning. Or something like that. Woke up for the 9am picture, bleary eyed and in a semi-conscious mode. It was fun putting on those huge, slightly ridiculous robes, with that ‘hood’. Well, I guess it’s called ceremonial robes for a reason. But it was nonetheless something I’ve looked forward to since I collected the gown and I was kinda excited about the whole thing. So excited that I actually bought the NUS stuffed lion, quaintly called ‘LiNUS’. It’s only slightly cheaper than my gown and hat, so it’s a severely over-priced lion. It looks like a bear though. It’s too smiley and happy to look like a lion.

The whole ceremony was over in a couple of hours. There were the usual powerpoint presentations advertising NUS and its oh-so-globalised and well-rounded education system, together with the singing of the National Anthem. That’s a song I haven’t heard in a while (unless you count those late nights when I stare at the television screen till the song plays at 12mn on arts central). I get to shake hands with President Nathan! Hahaha, that gave me a kick and I was quite happy about it. It made me feel slightly important. =)

But I was thinking, it must be tough for him, to be shaking hands with at least 300 – 400 people and smiling for at least 2 hours. You have to remember, this guy is in his 80s. So like what the Ah Beng says, ‘this kind of thing, I respect.’ Lol. I wonder whether the President of Singapore is automatically the Chancellor of NUS. He was wearing some academic robe with a long train. There was a small boy to carry the train. It was quite amusing seeing that for the first time.

Sporadic clapping, camera flashes, a quick walk past the stage, collect the scroll (holder), smile. And finito. One has graduated. I have graduated. It’s been a fun four years. Rather uneventful except for the student exchange in Canada. But still, it was 4 whole years of my life. Longer than JC but shorter or similar to secondary school. This was as good as closure gets. =D

The valedictorian for our class was Aik Hin. I was very touched by his speech. His voice caught while he was thanking each of his family members individually. His speech sounds just like him, sincere and humble. I think he is one that has truly done his family proud. I also think he is the only one which all the class of 2007 really listened to intently. I guess we had more in common with him than with the rest of the other professors dishing out advice and congratulations. All in all, it made the commencement a memorable one instead of being just a silly ceremony that we are all going through for the sake of our parents.

After the ceremony, it was back to taking pictures again. For memory’s sake.

5 Responses to “Convocation”
  1. Tim says:

    Hey Diana, congrats from Guangzhou!


  2. WANG says:

    Congratulations On Your Graduation and Best Wishes For The start of a new journey in life.

  3. Hahahha, thanks thanks!

  4. Divine Intervention says:

    A cliche tag with sincerity: The end draws a new beginning. All the best, babe.

  5. Ned Stark says:

    Congratulations on your “Commencement”. All the best for your legal career!

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