One good thing about not updating your blog so often is that you get a certain sense of privacy. The strangers who blogsurf and come across this page may find something that catch their eye, only to find that it’s been idle for way too long.

And so work life begins. At 9 am every morning to be exact. Rough and tumble out of bed. Do your time, pay your dues, clock the time, get back home. The worker bees of the capitalist beehive. Who is the queen?

The sun rises and sets again. Night time falls gently and unceremoniously. And with it comes a certain solace. With quiet music flowing from the speakers, lyric-less and soothing, there is peace. Before drowsiness hits, enjoying the moment is vital. One feels alive for a while, not a meaningless unit of labour, but aware, conscious, alive.

The song plays itself out again. Lots of strings. I like strings. They’re soft and melodic. One thinks of water, a lake with a full moon. A solitary boat in the moonlight, still and poetic in its landscape. Oars, a boat with oars.

Notes that tug at your heartstrings. That brings you to a different place. A quiet place but not deadly silent, or that creepy ringing silence like when the air -con is off and the world is still. A peaceful silence, a comfortable one. It is a balm, or it has the effect of one. Drink and luxuriate in the music, it’s the next best thing.

2 Responses to “”
  1. marycherry says:

    yup. except you can’t put off your pesky, persistant friends =)

  2. Hahaha, I love my pesky, persistent friends who read my blog regularly, regardless of how irregular I blog. =)

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