An eighty old man died. The cause of his death: he was infected with flesh eating bacteria while eating crabs. I think the crabs came from Indonesia.

And life deals you its bizarre blows. It stinks to be healthy and going strong at eighty, and then to contract some disease (or attract some bacteria) that makes a mockery of one’s life. He was probably one of those that exercise daily and took pride in being healthy at his age. And his death turns out to be like one of those episodes of Six Feet Under and their bizarre death stories. It’s just… so unjustified.

Life is its own reward. We are all parallel straight lines.

But like my friend says, that’s life. We can take it as it comes, or … take it as it comes. There is no alternative. Much like the policy of some travel agency company. Or the pay increases of certain ministers. It doesn’t make a difference to talk about it, so one just takes it as it comes.

But the pay increase thing is seriously… too much. I am of the opinion that we should outsource all our ministers, cos foreigners are cheaper. That’s the beauty of globalization; one should definitely bring the free market to the political industry. It’s interesting though, how it works in Singapore. I know a China student who once lamented that China tried this very system and dished out high salaries to its top officials. However, the system flopped really badly, cos the high salaries didn’t stem the corruption but fuelled it. So now their pay increases every year, and they’re still on the take. But as usual, Singapore is an exception to the general rule. We like that, don’t we? It’s like we are “The Little Thought Experiment that Worked”.



To other topics of the day:

Law Ball was one of those bizarre events. It was fun while it lasted though, all those photo taking sessions and the squeals of ‘take-picture, take-picture’. I enjoyed it actually, the photo-taking part. It’s interesting to see your friends in a more dolled up fashion than usual. Hehe, whatever that means. The pageant was kinda lame though. But I guess all pageants are kind of lame in that way. Plus they are year ones, must be more forgiving.


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