Climate Change

Environmentalism is the new catchphrase in town. The Parliament was talking about how environmentally friendly Singapore would be by the year 2010. Ministers stood up and said that our water usage per person has decreased this year. Conservation of our resources was also highlighted. Use less electricity. When you’re brushing your teeth, use a mug and so on. We’ve heard that since we were in primary school, when brushing our teeth by the drain corporately was a weekly affair. Ahhh, the joys of bonding over something as routine as that.

These are probably measures as to combat climate change. Something which is felt the world over. Odd winters and unpredictable weather. Not to mention how it has exacerbated the scale of the natural disasters, causing the death toll to rise dramatically. So when I hear about how people think that Satan is the reason for climate change, I get mad. Well, maybe it’s better than saying that it was an act of god, literally. I was in a church service once (in Canada), after Hurricane Katrina has hit, and the pastor from the pulpit was preaching that it was a judgment from God. I was just disgusted. There were people dying, and there he was, just saying that all these people deserved to die. Yep, all of them, children and all. It’s callous. And cruel.

This post is to counter the point that Ben made, about how it’s strange that there are some out there who believe that Satan is the reason for Climate Change. Actually, I don’t get it. If Satan is truly the reason for climate change, is that the reason why so many Christians see global warming as a moral issue? The below extract is from The Economist, dated 27th Jan 2007:

“At the same time, a growing number of evangelical Christians are beginning to see global warming as a moral issue. They argue that mankind, as steward of God’s creation, has a duty to protect the environment. One outfit, the Evangelical Climate Initiative, encourages prominent pastors and theologians to sing a ‘Call to Action’. Another group, the Evangelical Environmental Network, runs a website called ‘What would Jesus Drive?’ Last year Pat Robertson, a prominent televangelist, told his flock ‘We really need to address the burning of fossil fuels.”

This differs from the view based on the Old Testament where Mankind was told to ‘rule the earth and subdue it’ and ‘have dominion’ over its wildlife and creatures. This green movement evidences a more enlightened, modern interpretation of the Bible. These groups are driven by a sense of stewardship, a recurring theme in the Bible. Therefore, for those who are waiting for Armageddon to approach in the form of melting ice-caps, I think they should be snuffed out by the green movement.

Peace out.

10 Responses to “Climate Change”
  1. ben says:

    its not me who made the point – its the other Christians.

  2. humanoidinterface says:

    Yar, I know. I didn’t mean your point per se. I meant yr point about other christians. Heh.

  3. YCK says:

    In all fairness I do not think it is just the Christians. Humans in general are not very rational. Just look at letters to the ST Forum for instance. But seriously I think many people would take the oppourtunity to give up rationality for herd instinct. Just look at the hall mark of Singaporeans kiasuism for example.

  4. humanoidinterface says:

    Hi YCK,

    I think that ST Forum is not a good example of rationality, human or otherwise. Lol. As for the herd instinct, I think it’s because most people just don’t want to use their brain. They’d rather follow a person’s teachings than to check it out for themselves whether it’s true or not.

  5. Kitana says:

    Mehh mehh mehh. =)

  6. YCK says:

    There are sheep, and then there are thinking sheep 😀

  7. Ned Stark says:

    I like to think of it this way; there is a sheep in all of us, some more so than others.

  8. wang says:

    There are sheep who know they are sheep, the problem is when those who do not know they are sheep think otherwise


  9. Ned Stark says:

    Haha…indeed….the road to becoming a thinking sheep comes when one realises he is a sheep:)

  10. YCK says:

    Don’t overlook the goats 🙂

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