Stars by Emily Bronte

Ah! why, because the dazzling sun Restored our Earth to joy, Have you departed, every one, And left a desert sky? All through the night, your glorious eyes Were gazing down in mine, And, with a full heart’s thankful sighs, I blessed that watch divine. I was at peace, and drank your beams As they … Continue reading


Communication oughtn’t be so difficult. She’s my mother, she could just state quite simply that she didn’t want to go in the first place, weren’t interested in the first place. We can then put aside that awkwardness that affection brings, the consideration for each other’s feelings and thoughts and un-complicate things a little. So there’ll … Continue reading


An eighty old man died. The cause of his death: he was infected with flesh eating bacteria while eating crabs. I think the crabs came from Indonesia. And life deals you its bizarre blows. It stinks to be healthy and going strong at eighty, and then to contract some disease (or attract some bacteria) that … Continue reading

Climate Change

Environmentalism is the new catchphrase in town. The Parliament was talking about how environmentally friendly Singapore would be by the year 2010. Ministers stood up and said that our water usage per person has decreased this year. Conservation of our resources was also highlighted. Use less electricity. When you’re brushing your teeth, use a mug … Continue reading

The God Confusion

I am disturbed by how religion is the whipping boy of so many issues these days. From homosexuality to wars and politics. The list is endless. I’m upset because religion, particularly mine, i.e. christianity, is used as a tool of intolerance, for closed minded people. All this in the name of God. This is enough … Continue reading