Valentine’s Day

Someone once said that man is loneliest in a crowd. To adapt that phrase, a single is loneliest on Valentine’s Day. I’ve never seen more handheld bouquets in one single day. Or more teddy bears and pink adorned whatever. The florists must be laughing all the way to the bank, and good for them. V day is a day when the Bridget Jones’ Nightmare strikes particularly hard, i.e. that one is going to die old and alone in a flat with 9 cats. And no one’s going to find out about your death till the smell pervades the entire building. *shudder* So I am with you, Grace, on the general suckiness of V Day. In literature terms, I felt like The Other. But that might be romanticising singlehood too much, an ironic gesture.

But to all the smug attachees out there, and the not so smug ones, happy v-day to all you guys and gals. Heh, esp to Kitana and her beloved ‘Benji’ as he is affectionately termed. *grins* And to all singles, not to worry, we’re all in the first flush of youth and time stretches out before us like a yawning chasm…. Hmm, that was not too optimistic. But the main thing is, time is on our side, still. Not for long perhaps, but still, there’s yet time.

And CNY is another of those festivals that one gets queried about their present single status. Concerned aunts in particular, will try their hand at match-making or making one feel less than adequate. Ohh heck, I’ll just reply that I’m too busy tutoring their precious offspring to have much of a social life. That’ll probably end the conversation for good. And besides, there’s always pineapple tarts to look out for.


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