Careers Fair

It’s getting harder and harder to blog regularly nowadays. Hence the long absence in between entries. Anyways, I went to the Career Fair at NUS at Kent Ridge. Saw some long lost friends, acquaintances and the people I met on exchange in UBC! Rainie, Anne and others. Hahaha, that made me so happy somehow. I never see them at BTC, that isolated cocoon. There were quite a few companies there. The British American Tobacco stood out, with their large paper bags that assaulted bare calves with their sharp corners. I was hanging around some of the groupies, and they needed engineers or something. Reminds me of Thank You for Smoking. Why don’t they need lobbyists? I’ve always wanted to be a lobbyist! I can simply imagine myself saying “Studies have shown that there is no causal connection between smoking and lung cancer.” Yar, right. Maybe they need engineers because they don’t have the formula of cigarettes down pat yet. Anyhow, I did a search on Wikipedia and their international brands include Dunhill, Kent, State Express 555, Pall Mall, Rothmans, Peter Stuyvesant, Benson & Hedges, Winfield, John Player, Lucky Strike, Kool, and Viceroy.

Saw any of your favourite brands over there? Additional trivia on the company, courtesy of wikipedia: British American Tobacco (BAT) has been a stout defender of the principle that if a product is legally on sale in a market then it should also be legal to advertise that product’s brands. BAT is the second largest listed tobacco company in the world. It is based in London and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index with a market capitalisation of over £29 billion as of June 2005.

Woah. Scared.

Another interesting firm that stood out were the Golden Arches. Would you believe it, good old MacDonalds was there! I just laughed myself silly when I saw it. I thought it’s under one of the jobs that graduates would consciously strike off. Yes, yes, that symbol of globalisation are not made up of cashiers and such. But still, it makes me want to see what their name card would look like. But the other symbol of globalisation, Starbucks stayed out of the fair. Damn it, and I thought I would have free coffee.

SPH was there too. Singapore Press Holdings! Here’s something troubling. Their flyer included vacancies for webmasters, among others. But here’s the thing, the responsibilities of the webmaster was to monitor blogs and forums in various web properties. Hm, I was wondering which web properties are they talking abt, once again Wiki helped me out– SPH also owns an online lifestyle portal called AsiaOne. Oh, and there’s the ST Stomp too.

The verdict as to the company with the best goodie bag will be SMRT. They gave out a handphone accessory (in the shape and likeness of the much lauded mrt), a bottle of water and a pen! You gotta give it up for MCYS too, the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. Their paper bag endorsed the now defunct SDU and urges you to go visit With the tagline: A world of possibilities. Just a click away!

How very naughty.

4 Responses to “Careers Fair”
  1. shiuan says:

    yar. should advertise all RA (18) stuff too. they brought them in what.

  2. shiuan says:

    yar. should advertise all RA (18) stuff too. they allowed/brought them in what.

  3. shiuan says:

    eh. wordpress should allow us to delete our own comments. tsk tsk. all that hype. such simple option also don’t have.

  4. Hahha, I wanted to delete the duplicate comment, then I realise that would render yr second comment senseless. So oh well. All comments stay. 😀

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