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of lessons taught, learnt and observed

I was giving tuition to my cousin this evening. It will be his English CA1 tomorrow, and I’m going to give him tuition for 3 consecutive days. He is a good looking little boy, all of 11 years old, with an impish grin and bright, mischievious eyes. He is usually quite a delight to teach … Continue reading

Half Nelson

Just caught Half Nelson which was especially recommended by Shiuan. I liked the movie. It’s one of those teacher flicks, where the inspirational teacher, by his unconventional teaching methods, reach out to his students. The setting is in one of those poorer suburbs. It’s quite different from Dangerous Minds, a similar movie where the inspirational … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

Someone once said that man is loneliest in a crowd. To adapt that phrase, a single is loneliest on Valentine’s Day. I’ve never seen more handheld bouquets in one single day. Or more teddy bears and pink adorned whatever. The florists must be laughing all the way to the bank, and good for them. V day is a … Continue reading

The Third Way

I can’t get the conviction of Tochi out of my head. The 19 year old Nigerian was given the death penalty for drug trafficking. He’s well and dead now. It didn’t feature in the Straits Times and the forum pages are not talking about it. But I was just thinking how wrong the conviction was. … Continue reading

Careers Fair

It’s getting harder and harder to blog regularly nowadays. Hence the long absence in between entries. Anyways, I went to the Career Fair at NUS at Kent Ridge. Saw some long lost friends, acquaintances and the people I met on exchange in UBC! Rainie, Anne and others. Hahaha, that made me so happy somehow. I … Continue reading