So it appears that Girls Out Loud may have some redeeming qualities within it. I was converted to that stance after a youtube clip which was bitchy and witty enough to be rather entertaining. I love verbal sparring, no matter what package it comes in. It was an episode about Xiaxue’s Cyber Enemies, with the … Continue reading

one of those self-indulgent posts.

Layer ONE On the Outside Name: di Birth Date: 29th sept 1984 Current Status: single Eye Color: black Hair Color: black too Righty or Lefty: righty (So is a lefty a leftist?) Zodiac Sign: Libra Layer TWO On the inside Your Heritage: Cantonese / Hokkien Your Fears: Being overrun by giant cockroaches. Actually, come to … Continue reading

gripes and such

Question: Why show BlogTv on the real television network? Isn’t the essence of the name itself that it should remain on blogs? I am just irritated at how some of these content are masqueraded as news. They are not news, in the blogging community of the US sense, they are merely opinions expressed on the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Lariena!

After a long hiatus, humanoidinterface is back! Complete with a new face (/skin) for the new year. Before I forget, Happy Birthday Lariena!! As per requested. 😉 I’ve known you since secondary one, in your chair-throwing days. Ahh, wasn’t that kind of nostalgic? Lol. Alritey, all the best for yr dance competition! Ganbatte! Hm, given … Continue reading