On Littering

We are talking about littering a lot these days. It seems to be every where, on the news channel and in the newspapers. They’ve been sneaking in an article here and there for about a month now. That’s my personal  sneaking suspicion, but yeah, we get it, increasing amount of littering, bring back the Corrective Work Order! Actually CWO never really went away. But anyway, the idea is there. Shame them, humiliate them! Do something! Educate them!

Seriously, if the courtesy campaign for 15 years taught us to queue up, then maybe it missed out on the littering bit. But seeing the news on littering pisses me off. I feel like it reeks of propaganda, but more than that, I think that the whole attention placed on littering is disproportionate to the blameworthiness or culpability of the crime. I mean, come on, it’s littering, not the death penalty. The news should be talking about the death penalty, but instead you’re talking about goddamn littering. It’s absurd. It has to be. There’s got to be bigger issues in Singapore, aside from how the tourists hate that this clean and green city seems to have gotten a lot dirtier. It’s what Singapore is known for after all, squeaky cleanliness in all its glory. Cleanliness have long superceded godliness for us. The point is, talk about something else on primetime tv. Pertinent issues, real stuff. Not littering. Full stop.

Don’t make people think small. We are already small in terms of physique, small in terms of geographical size. Don’t make us think small. That’ll be unforgivable. Don’t make us think that the only way we can effect change in society is not to litter, cos that’ll just be sad.

4 Responses to “On Littering”
  1. shiuan says:

    ST got Christopher Lee arrested for drunk driving on it’s main paper, first page – stuff which i thought goes into the Life! section. Then the next day,the last page of Life!, where they feature all the celeb stuff, had David Gan chastising Chris Lee in a sorta interview. Talk about small stuff (and the lack of gossip. and conspiracy theory). This is why i read only the comics =)

    ooh. and we reported on the opening of the Notre Dame musical on tv news.
    like, so grand and cool and all.

  2. humanoidinterface says:

    Hahahaha, I read the comics section too.

    Peanuts rule!

  3. Nick says:

    Did you know that newspapers can keep you warm? Here’s a useless survival trick that you should know: When caught in a situation where you are stuck in a winter wasteland, stuff plenty of newspapers up you clothes to trap you body heat. At least you won’t die from the cold, but you will die in a dignified manner from other causes.

  4. shiuan says:

    useful indeed. now i know what to do with those papers accumulating in the storeroom. next trip – winter wasteland!

    — this is lame. this is the salty prawn mee talking.

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