The concept of family is warped. Relatives are just people making more and more claims on me, thinking that I owe them something just because somehow we’re biologically related in some ways. I owe it to them to teach their precious sons and daughters. I owe it to them, as a relative, a cousin and friend, to be paid less because blood runs thicker than water. It is my duty and obligation to see to it that they get good grades. If not, it’s my fucking fault. It doesn’t matter that I’m a student myself, no, I’m a dehumanised machine in charge of churning out grades for your precious offspring. Yes, I do care slightly that my cousins’ grades suck. I do care slightly that you’re not doing well in school. But to say at the end of the day when I asked whether I can drop the assignment, to say that I care more about money than about your so-called family relations, to say that just like that. Well, that is fucking ungrateful. I don’t care whether you’re older than me, to me, respect is not automatically assumed as a matter of age, it is something that you jolly well god-damn earn. You, with your insipid grins and your little, little lives, living vicariously through your children, assuming credit when they do well, and blaming the children themselves when they don’t.

I’m done. Done with the whole lot of them. Parasitic fiends that suck the life force out of me. Get thee away and begone.

Do I say that? Of course not, me being me, I repress and suppress the anger. I smile and do the socially appropriate thing. I don’t apologise, I’m too proud for that, but I assume an apologetic attitude. I smile and act like everything’s fine. I am a situation handler, I can do it. Pretend, act and adopt fucking personas to suit the fucking occasion. No, the concept of family IS warped. So really, stop damaging me already. Just stop. And leave me in peace, alone.  

4 Responses to “”
  1. Kitana says:

    Babe. Take care.

  2. humanoidinterface says:

    Yoz! Hey babe, thanks for the comment. Heh, feeling better now.. =)

  3. charlin says:

    buy them a one way ticket to timbuktu!

    oh yar! Happy Moonie Day!!!!!!

    remember this time last yr? We were shopping for green tea and mooncakes n lanterns in Happy Happy Land!

    *take care babe*

  4. hey char! Haha, thanks for the comment, and for dropping by. Yep, Mooncake festival last year was fun! No haze, and the best part was it was in Canada! Lol. Haven’t heard from you in a while, you take care too! =)

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