Mirror, Mirror hanging on the wall…

In light of another suicide on Clementi train tracks yesterday, maybe this newspaper article (dating a while back) will help the guys over at the SMRT to deter like-minded people. Thursday, May 11, 2000 MIRRORS ON TRACKS TO FOIL THE SUICIDAL Tokyo, AFP Japanese officials plan to put up big mirrors on railway platforms to … Continue reading

On Meritocracy

   This is a paper that I did a while ago while doing a corporate law course in UBC. Just a few thoughts on meritocracy since this subject is all the rage these days. 😉   Myth of Meritocracy[1]Meritocracy is a fundamental tenet of our society today. The suffix –cracy suggests a form of government … Continue reading

I am restless and there’s this pent up energy that’s been building up inside ever since I last spoke to my friends. About the middle-aged guy who jumped in front of the train tracks to kill himself, that nameless person who had 16 bucks in his wallet and a $37,000 debt, his $8,000 electricity bills and his struggles in … Continue reading

On the Death of Habeas Corpus

On Language and Money

Let’s talk about language, as a social divider, a class definer or perhaps just definitive of a person. This is about the battle between Singlish and the Queen’s English. What is it about Singlish that is so bad? Is it the butchered English, the lah’s and leh’s that pepper your average Singaporean conversation? Is it the … Continue reading

Narcissus reflection in the water What did he go out to see? Something spooky lurks under Ripples in the water, image falters What did he go out to see? His life, the whole, its parts asunder Smiles, the image beckons, welcomes “Objects in the water are nearer than they seem” Come, fall, dive over Past … Continue reading

The concept of family is warped. Relatives are just people making more and more claims on me, thinking that I owe them something just because somehow we’re biologically related in some ways. I owe it to them to teach their precious sons and daughters. I owe it to them, as a relative, a cousin and … Continue reading