Everyone’s talking about leaving this place. Quitter, stayer theory. I want to leave too. I want to leave and take off somewhere, not because of the supposed oppression or fear that we are all living under but because:

“Make a list of the places where there are and there have been gifted men, where wit, refinement, malice are a part of happiess, where genius has almost necessarily made its home: they all possess an excellent dry air. Paris, Provence, Florence, Jerusalem, Athens– these names prove something: that genius is conditioned by dry air, clear sky…”

Friedrich Nietzsche, ‘Why I am so wise’.

And there you have it, just that, will to climate. He’s damn funny lar, that guy. His reasons on why he is so very clever comes down to selectivity in nutriment, selectivity in climate and place and selectivity in one’s kind of recreation. And that’s his nuggets of wisdom contained in 90 pages. It makes for good reading.

In the mean time, let me sing the praises of Bishan Library. Absolutely gorgeous place, with brand new books on white shelves. Four levels of goodness. The smell of a book that hasn’t been touched or its pages flipped. They actually have individual glass encased pods extending from the walls of the building. It’s funny to see people squeezed into that tiny enclosed place, studying and studying and studying somemore. After all, it was built “to serve the needs of the ‘attas’ schools like RJC, RI and Catholic High school“, arranged in order of merit, emphasis mine. The raffles conglomerate has come to stay at Bishan, no wonder its property prices are going up. [Insert smiley emoticon here]

Ok, no more blogging. Back to the assignments that I’ve to churn out in less than a week…

6 Responses to “iRead”
  1. bendecidestoblog says:

    dry air clear sky…i noe a place we have all been before..

  2. Kitana says:

    I wanna go bacckkkkkk….. *pout*

  3. Yay, the dry air and clear skies, where the cherry blossoms bloomed. Bring me back to the Think cafe, where I can sit and watch the world go by…

  4. lorelai says:

    not trying to rub it in, but just thought i’ll let you know that the dreary rain haven’t set in yet and would not for another week. all hail global warming (i assume that is what making the weather the way it is).

  5. Ahhh! I dreamt of snowboarding last night, and I woke up with a pang in my heart. I want to go back!!! But lucky you, sunshiny days are uber nice in Vancouver. Heh, the perks of global warming. (“,)

  6. drblsharma says:

    Oah..Certainly, One needs a airy and cleaned sky where one can sit and think about the peacefull moments of the life or even..However, it is individual`s chioce that no one can impose up on. One may like to sit under rainy shower or may like the Sea shore, other may like to spend his memorable days in the Library.where beautiful Books are arranged in a row of shelfs. But how many of us would like them? While every body knows it that Library is the place of worlds wisdom.So, it is the human nature that can`t be one. And hence, every place has its own importance and beauty, where one may sit and find solitude where he gets it .OK.

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