random ramblings

Woke up this morning and spent an hour and a half preparing to go to school. I was stoned at the various stages of preparation of going to school, staring into my wardrobe with a frozen gaze. It’s as if your gaze solidifies and you’re on standby mode. Or maybe the air around you has thickened into a gooey mass and you’re using all your effort to make all the customary things that one has to do and discover that it’s taking an immense effort and has little effect. Ok, so I think it’s established that I’m not a morning person. Still, I made it to school.

But before I get too cheerful, I was quite happy today on my way to school. The humidity is nuts but it was one of those better days. I can’t really explain why, perhaps it was the lack of classes and the thought that I can spend one whole day on one thing, instead of running from pt A to pt B doing Thing C and Thing D.

I’ve been thinking. Maybe I should acquire a cheerful disposition. I know disposition and acquiring doesn’t quite go together. But yeah, it’d be helpful. A little artificial, but like I said, helpful. Look at the glass and see it as half full, look at the stars and think that it’s dancing? The latter came from The Barnyard. The stars literally dancing in the shape of cows, intertwined together and living happily ever after. Ahh, the power of caricatures and symbolic (possession) happiness. I think the audience they’re catering to are younger kids ba… We all need to reinvent ourselves. To ensure that the cement that makes us who we are hasn’t solidified and became immutable. All hail the power of positive thinking.


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