On Freedom

International Media 1.      Freedom in the World 2006 ranked Singapore 5 out of 7 for political freedom, and 4 out of 7 for civil liberties (where 1 is the most free), with an overall ranking of “partly free”. 2.      In August 2006, the government announced a tightening of rules on foreign publications previously exempt from … Continue reading

Analyze by Thom Yorke

analyse a self-fulfilling prophecy of endless possibilty your warning reams across the screen in algebra, in algebra the fences that you cannot climb the sentences that do not rhyme in all that you can ever change the one you’re looking for it gets you down there’s no spark no light in the dark it gets … Continue reading


Everyone’s talking about leaving this place. Quitter, stayer theory. I want to leave too. I want to leave and take off somewhere, not because of the supposed oppression or fear that we are all living under but because: “Make a list of the places where there are and there have been gifted men, where wit, … Continue reading

of blogs and more

It’s really nice to have spirited discussions. Especially spirited discussions that, unexpectedly, will get recorded in the blogs that float around cyberspace. I’ve too many liabilities floating around in cyberspace (think petition). Maybe I had it coming but here goes, the extended discussion about IMF/WB in ad verbatim no less by dionysian: The views of … Continue reading


Faced with the ever increasing pile of personal property notes that I have to read by each week, I’ve decided to give it a rest. I do have other modules you know, Yock Lin. Seriously, unless you make this an eight MC course, why drown us in readings every week? It’s no point la. I … Continue reading

Singapore Dreaming

I went to watch Singapore Dreaming today with addy and puddy. Heh, they are both kakis from Cedar. Addy had free tickets from MINDS and asked me. I initially had tuition but (and not for the first time), the students were not at home. Only the mother was home, and she wasn’t the one who … Continue reading

IMF/World Bank Production

Yes, we all know that IMF/World Bank is going to hold its annual meeting in Singapore. We’ve been told to smile, the drivers in cabs I’ve been in this week or so seem generally more conversational and friendly. All that motivational speak did work after all. They’ll still cut 3 lanes to get to their destination, … Continue reading

Post production

I went to watch the annual play that every batch of year 4 law students put up. It was… interesting. Occasionally funny but rather lacklustre in my personal opinion. It was odd, cos after the play, I was quite pissed off with the whole conclusion. It’s so typical. Law students whining about their problems, caused … Continue reading

random ramblings

Woke up this morning and spent an hour and a half preparing to go to school. I was stoned at the various stages of preparation of going to school, staring into my wardrobe with a frozen gaze. It’s as if your gaze solidifies and you’re on standby mode. Or maybe the air around you has … Continue reading

The subsequent post

Wow. I have to say I’m quite surprised at the level of debate going on at the comments page. So this being the subsequent post, I racked my brains about what more should I write. Should I continue in the vein of Theology vs Science debate? Should I bring an insightful, thoughtful conclusion to the … Continue reading