this bitter pill

My hacking and gagging cough is irritating me to no end. I dun really trust the doctor meds. Seriously, his antibiotics make me have the runs twice. There has got to be something wrong with his prescription. My state of delirium will end soon. The cold lecture theatres, seminar rooms, cafeteria and lifts beckon. Seriously, everything is air-conditioned. It’s like we’re insular from the outer environs, it doesn’t matter what happens on the outside, come rain or shine, hell or high water, the law building will maintain this temperature always. There you have it, your anchor and constancy in life. It becomes a bitch at times, trust me.


Now I sound like those grouchy grandmothers, complaining about a thousand and one things. How the world has done her an injustice. Being whiny at that age just isn’t pretty. But anyhow, I’m no grandmother, and I have to say that I feel like I’m coughing my internal organs out one by one. Or at least, I’m trying to. So I try to spread the love around, and seriously, I’ve noticed a pattern in classes today. Cough once, and it starts off a sporadic symphony of little coughs as well. It’s as if people are being polite and saying, ‘it’s okie, I have a cough too.’ Haha, it’s what keeps me amused in classes like insolvency. Liquidate with extreme prejudice! Whatever that means. It didn’t even come from that class.

One Response to “this bitter pill”
  1. shiuan says:

    drown yourself in water and vitamin c, babe. got the flu and coughs for 2 weeks myself, now. shit. might have passed it on to you. bugger. sorry – sleep early!

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