And that was how the shopping trip went today, in a buzz and blur. It was a very productive trip, thanks to my shopping khakis, Lynn, Jill and her friend, Sarah. Zhu came to join us later in town. I was educated today on the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry, the conglomerates and how, despite the price difference, there does not necessary translate to a better product quality in the various brands if they belong to the same conglomerate. Cos they simply pass the technology down to the cheaper brands after some time.

Bought 2 pairs of shoes, a make-up set and a dress. I particularly like the dress and my shoes. Very nice. Blew a hole in my wallet though, but yeah, like lynn says, invest! Lol. The most important thing is to actually use the make up and wear the clothes. I tend to buy things and not use nor wear them sometimes. Sometimes, it’s because of the hassle and I’m just lazy, others might be I find no occasion to wear it.  But I am a changed woman! I have reformed! I’m determined to make full use of my purchases! Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. And that’s why I spent so much money today. Hur hur.

SMU is starting another law school. Yes, the creative university that has created so much hype and has, within its campus, a camera every ten steps you walk. Not to mention the escalators. I am constantly jealous of the escalators. What is it going to do to NUS law school? All hail competition. Why not another medical school then? Why not another school of dentistry while we’re at it? Why law? Well, why not law? At least they don’t have to set up a different campus. Hm, I’ve learn in comparative competition law, that it’s not the structural competition that matters. It’s the amount of competition that actually counts. I.e. Structural competition refers to the number of competitors. So it doesn’t mean that just because there are more competitors, it naturally leads to more competition. You can have two corporations that hates one another’s guts and that can lead to an intense competition (i.e. price war) which cannot be achieved merely by increasing the number of corporations. So in the same way, increasing the number of law schools does not necessary translate to a better quality one through competition. But I don’t think SMU is in it for the sake of competition, it’s in it for business. They had one prominent law professor who shifted from NUS to SMU. There has to be a marginal transfer of the members of the law academia to SMU if it is to be viable. It’s interesting to see how things will turn out. As for me, I’m just glad that I’m not going to be affected. Get out of the system quick, before it seems to turn on me.


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