Through a glass, darkly

My computer is so slow, it’s driving me nuts. It’s not the usual kind of slow, let’s-wait-for-a-few- seconds kind of slow. No, it’s the let-me-go-to-toilet-and-wash-up-before-my-computer-loads kind of slow. These are vastly different in trying my patience. And I just typed a blog entry that disappeared when I clicked view site. Fantastic. Technology is not on my side today. I hope Technology is happy now.

I was blogging about how the girls played cards at my place till 2am today. We went to the prata place where the waiters never write down their orders and subsequently, never gets it right at the first time either. No, no paper and pen for them. They’ll do it by the usual trial and error method. Kudos. It makes them happy and the customers resigned. We played bridge, recounted episodes from our secondary school that seems to be so far away. We track our ex-classmates and find out where and what they are doing now. Okay, we gossiped a little as well. Nothing in malicious intent, just merely curious. All of us need to live vicariously at one point or another. Maybe that’s the whole point of gossip, not merely to quench an insane need to find out how your peers are doing, but to treat them as fodder for entertainment.

Anyways, day two in the spanking new bukit timah campus. It’s a nice place, there’s a hike from the bus stop to the new building. It’s still a work in progress, you can tell by the number of construction workers that are still around. And there you have it. 800 law students in this building. Hmm, can I just say that it is too close for comfort. I don’t know many law students, and I don’t like most of the law students that I know. So that leaves me with very little people that I am actually glad to see, in a building where you meet law students everywhere- lecture theatres, book store, cafeteria and in the washrooms.

It’s a strange phenomenon that I experience in law school but people don’t seem to remember me. It’s like I fade into oblivion when I am actually there. I feel sort of like Bruce Wilis in Sixth Sense– a ghost. It’s not a very nice feeling at that. I hate it when people who were in the same research project as you in year one can’t return a greeting when you say hi to them. But they just have a look like they’re trying to place you. Grr. I hate it. I also abhor it when people who slept in my dorm room in UBC can’t seem to remember me when others asked them if they know me. It’s like the chinese saying, wo chi bo li zhang da de. (for those who are not that well-versed in your mother tongue/mandarin, the direct translation is I grow up on glass, eating glass.) But anyhow. It infuriates me. Is there a scale in law school where people are divided into the significants and the not significants? Why is my presence not acknowledged or registered in people’s minds?

It’s irritating. So I don’t spent an hour in front of the looking glass, dressing up like I’m going to be on the runway when I’m actually attending lectures. So what?  

A lot of people hate law school. Some hate it for its lack of warmth, its superficiality. Others for its misconceived sense of elitism and entitlement. And me, I hate it because I am not seen in law school. It’s such a lovely way to start the day.


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