the slipping away of idle days

School is starting this week.There goes the lovely idle days of bumming around at home and having vcd marathons, staring at the computer or the television screen for extended periods of time. My last year in the glorified tertiary education institution of Singapore. I wonder whether it’ll be exactly the same as my other years in NUS. It’s odd, sometimes I feel like time has really slipped me by. Especially when I meet up with my secondary school friends and realise that we’ve been friends for almost *gasps* seven years. We were joking about celebrating our silver or golden anniversary or something. I have friends that I’ve known for so long, and I’m happy that we still keep in contact with each other. This is so for JC friends as well. NUS friends are considered relatively new. Heh.

On a more serious note, my toenail is falling off. I heard that toenails take some time to grow back. I am concerned.

I have finished watching all 13 vcds of Initial D. I’m slightly more motivated to learn driving. But much more motivated to rent the rest of the Initial D series. I was wondering whether the Japanese meant Ignition instead of Initial. Or maybe something was lost in translation. Cos aren’t initials the first letter of names? But then again, Initial D is likely to mean the First Drive. Loosely translated, most probably. And hey, it sounds much cooler than First D on any given day.

I tend to get a little guilty after binging on vcds shows. My inner voice chastens me that life is not meant to be spent sitting passively in front of the television screen. It’s the unproductivity of it all that offends. But honestly, I’ll like to think it’s the respite before the storm. The storm being school. I shouldn’t have to justify my actions to myself. Funny.

Here’s to my metamorphorsis into a chao mugger. Hopefully all will go well with that transformation.

6 Responses to “the slipping away of idle days”
  1. lorelai says:

    don’t morph into a mugger just yet. at least not till i leave after next thursday.

  2. Izzy says:

    both my big toe nails fell off in year 2. it’s no biggie. they grow back. and it’s cool to walk around without toe nails for a while. makes for an interesting subject for conversation.

  3. Haha, yeah, the due date for the complete metamorphosis (think kafka) is after you leave. Till then, I will welcome the human civilization with open arms. =)

    Izzy! Really? Wow, both big toenails? What did you do? Kick something really hard?

  4. angelkitana says:

    i ran for 2.5 hours in running shoes 1 size too small. needless to say, i never wore them again.

  5. Hahaha, only you’d do something like that– train until your toenails fall off. 😉

  6. rachel says:

    i agree. never have enough, right?

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