Not the Forever Friends post

I’ve been thinking about the whole friendship thing. It’s the holidays and some of us want to meet up in one way or another. Others are busy, busy, busy. Some just want to coop up at home, away from the frantic crowds that usually plague the streets of town whenever a public holiday or the weekends are round the corner. I know I’m like that sometimes.

I was joking with Damon who organised the JC chalet to a sorry turnout. I told him to just let it die, in a half-joking manner, to let the whole classmates thing fade away comfortably into the fuzzy and hazy memories of all of us. To let it remain in the past where it belongs. It’s not the best advice, but I thought I’ll just curb the enthusiasm that people get at times, to get back the feeling during JC where everything seems a little rosier perhaps. Less taxing. More fun. I don’t know.

And for people who have started working, meeting up becomes another ballgame altogether. When it becomes honestly difficult to sychronize schedules and whatnot. You name it. When people want to turn in early because they need that energy for the day after. And now that we’re all in the flower of youth, the significant other also takes a significant amount of time. So it becomes increasingly difficult. And I think that’s okay, to a certain extent. People do drift apart. How many of us even know or meet up with our best friends in primary school?

“I have lost friends. Some by death, some by sheer inability to cross the street.” Virginia Woolf.

And perhaps it’s not just a street. Distance becomes a real issue. To travel from the North to the East or West part of Singapore is not a pleasant experience when mrt trains can be very packed. It’s expensive too. Fares are increasing. Taxis are not that cheap. Or maybe it’s a geographical boundary. More friends are overseas, on exchange, internships, that occasional holiday. Technology helps but I think it remains impersonal. To tell your friend to read your blog to find out what has happened may be okay at times but I find it sorely lacking in personal warmth. That human contact that we all need once in a while.

So maybe we should all just go grab a cup of coffee and chill. Learn to take it easy even if not everyone can make it. It’s not personal.

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