monday mood swings


Sleeping for eleven and a half hours makes getting up very difficult. Your limbs are kind of weak and your head spins with that slight familiar ache at the back of your brain. It’s not the best way to greet the day but it happens. I get up, go through the mechanical motions, feel my stomach still slightly bloated from the buffet the day before. The K Box buffet has the best sashimi ever! We (jill, chel and zhu) wolved down many a sashimi. Yep, and that’s when I contributed to the other blog: And found that the price tag to happiness is $24– 4 hours of ktv and a buffet with good sashimi. =) It’s the little temporal pleasures of life.

It was a funny day for me, I was alternately moody, testy and hyper. Well, I went shopping in the afternoon with the secondary school gang with no particular purpose or aim in mind except to get chel’s present. It turned out to be quite difficult to accomplish. I wasn’t very into the whole shopping thing though. I was quite disinterested. Maybe cos it’s shopping for others and not for me. Oh well, selfish girl that I am. It was a short shopping trip. Most had to leave early to do other stuff (drive dad’s car, tuition and so on).

I actually bumped into Kaiyi and her friend after the grp trouped off home. They were shopping too. Ahh well, guess that’s not much to do in town other than that. I was in my hyper mood then. The audience became a little weary after a while.

I made my leave and went to the airport. Was chastised for being 15 mins late. Switched back to testy mood.

Caryn’s leaving Singapore for exchange. Was it Dublin? Denmark? Oops. I’m afraid I can’t quite remember. But we got her a soft toy and the poor thing was trying to lug her luggage to the plane with a lot of difficulty. I swear, she’s packing like she’s leaving Singapore for good. It was more like 5 months. But in a way, packing more gives one a better sense of security? The NYJC group turned out in full force (minus ting for her korean stint is still not over). I switched back to hyper mode in view of the appreciative audience (i.e. Amanda and her beau).

Got a lift from YS and shiuan to Chomp Chomp where we devoured a few plates of hokkien mee and argued over a trifling matter. With shiuan no less. I seldom argue with her, so it’s quite surprising to me that I actually did what I did. But ah well, was alternating between moods and was caught at a bad time. She was also tired from her work and stuff. So, not a good combination. But all’s well that ends well. We got over ourselves and moved on to other topics.

Went back home. Am here blogging. Trying to recall stuff. Write them down. Make sure that I record the things that I do. Make sure that I don’t forget this day. The day that comes once in a lifetime. Same as every other day.


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