new layout

I was bored and decided giving this tranquil layout a try. Can you feel the zen-ness of it all? Yeah, I do too. Diana, stop talking to yourself! Remember the psychosis poster! So there you have it, a new blog in all its glory and other blogs wandering lost and reader-less in cyberspace. The record of my life since secondary three, abandoned frequently and picked up again. I guess that can be said for most, and your children’s children might stumble upon it one day after you’re long dead and gone. They’d be surprised at the uncanny resemblance at your adolescent pangs and other growing pains in your life, with the image of their kindly grandmother/father shattered for good. They’d realise that you are human flesh and blood and not just a role in their lives that they play. And this will lead them onto the well-trodden path of postmodernism, blowing away all stereotypes and a sense of structure in their lives. They’d know that life is not meant to be carefully compartmentalised and organised that way. It’ll be quite the milestone in their lives.

Or maybe they’d just think that it was boring.

Anyway, enough about the random ramblings. School is starting soon, in a little less than 2 weeks. The new bukit timah campus beckons, in all its incompletion. I really don’t like to hear construction noises. I live in Singapore, that’s the constant background noise in this part of the world– upgrading, renovation, tearing down, building, maintenance, you name it. But I like the idea of it being near to my home so that I don’t have to squeeze with all those people vying for a place to sit, stand, breathe in bus 151.

I have nothing to say. And that’s why I stop blogging and start again. I don’t like to write about what I do and did not do today. A diary is not a recording of events, it’s yr personal thoughts. And my personal thoughts are personal, my life not an open exhibition. And that’s why this blogging business stumps me sometimes.


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