I love Keanu Reeves but…

Don’t watch The Lakehouse. There’s nothing that you’ll miss. I don’t know about the original Korean version, but watching that show yesterday was a waste of my money. The pace was slow, in a way that you can really feel it. The cast is pretty but both leads are past their prime and it shows. Not to mention that it’s slightly bizarre and irrational. I’m not saying that every movie has to be the epitome of reason but seriously, there were just too many logical gaps in the plot. Boy doesn’t really meet the girl from the future who changes his future (and effectively history). Plus, there’s the issue of the time-travelling dog.

But it was nice hanging out with Lynn, Jill and Zhu after the show. We sat down at the Singapore replica of glutton square and talked till abt 2.30am. It was fun just having supper and catching up. Of course, when the four of us get together, there’s always quite a bit of vicious gossip to pass around. *sinister laughter*

 Zhu: What’s your all-time favourite movie?

Jill: Jurassic Park

Lynn: But why?

Jill: Because I like dinosaurs.

And that was the quotable quote of the day. That child-like 5 year old reply. Awww… Lol. Due to this, we wanted to start a whole wordpress blog written along the lines of ‘what my friends said’. But we simply took too long to decide on a suitable name/address. Suffice to say, zhu was still discussing the address by the time we got home and logged on to msn. She’s persistent, that one. 😀

On a different note, I saw this poster about the early detection of psychosis. There were a list of symptoms that reflect the early stages of psychosis. I became very worried after looking at the list because I happen to have a few of the symptoms. Among them were smiling and talking to yourself. Could it be? The early stages of psychosis? The poster adviced its readers to seek help early.

Grrr… I’m not crazy. Really lar.


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