this bitter pill

My hacking and gagging cough is irritating me to no end. I dun really trust the doctor meds. Seriously, his antibiotics make me have the runs twice. There has got to be something wrong with his prescription. My state of delirium will end soon. The cold lecture theatres, seminar rooms, cafeteria and lifts beckon. Seriously, … Continue reading


And that was how the shopping trip went today, in a buzz and blur. It was a very productive trip, thanks to my shopping khakis, Lynn, Jill and her friend, Sarah. Zhu came to join us later in town. I was educated today on the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry, the conglomerates and how, despite the price difference, there does not necessary … Continue reading

Through a glass, darkly

My computer is so slow, it’s driving me nuts. It’s not the usual kind of slow, let’s-wait-for-a-few- seconds kind of slow. No, it’s the let-me-go-to-toilet-and-wash-up-before-my-computer-loads kind of slow. These are vastly different in trying my patience. And I just typed a blog entry that disappeared when I clicked view site. Fantastic. Technology is not on … Continue reading

the slipping away of idle days

School is starting this week.There goes the lovely idle days of bumming around at home and having vcd marathons, staring at the computer or the television screen for extended periods of time. My last year in the glorified tertiary education institution of Singapore. I wonder whether it’ll be exactly the same as my other years … Continue reading

Not the Forever Friends post

I’ve been thinking about the whole friendship thing. It’s the holidays and some of us want to meet up in one way or another. Others are busy, busy, busy. Some just want to coop up at home, away from the frantic crowds that usually plague the streets of town whenever a public holiday or the … Continue reading

monday mood swings

Monday. Sleeping for eleven and a half hours makes getting up very difficult. Your limbs are kind of weak and your head spins with that slight familiar ache at the back of your brain. It’s not the best way to greet the day but it happens. I get up, go through the mechanical motions, feel my … Continue reading

new layout

I was bored and decided giving this tranquil layout a try. Can you feel the zen-ness of it all? Yeah, I do too. Diana, stop talking to yourself! Remember the psychosis poster! So there you have it, a new blog in all its glory and other blogs wandering lost and reader-less in cyberspace. The record … Continue reading

I love Keanu Reeves but…

Don’t watch The Lakehouse. There’s nothing that you’ll miss. I don’t know about the original Korean version, but watching that show yesterday was a waste of my money. The pace was slow, in a way that you can really feel it. The cast is pretty but both leads are past their prime and it shows. … Continue reading