due conversion

Lynn keeps telling me to switch my blog to wordpress.com, supposedly where all the cool kids hang. And so here I am, duly converted to her cause. 😉 

Sunday. Specifically Sunday mornings. I tend to wake up exclaiming, ‘Good Lord, it’s morning!’ instead of ‘Good morning, Lord’. Ah well, the pangs of having a chronic lateness syndrome. But people change. I’m getting to be more and more punctual these days. I realise it’s a matter of self-deception to think that the train will arrive precisely at the moment when you reach the mrt platform. I have stopped lying to myself since. Lol.

The NYJC class 1A3 had a class gathering at costa sands pasir ris on saturday. About 25 people agreed to come. Given the expected turnout, the ‘committee’ decided that booking a chalet was more appropriate. However, on that day itself, there was a grand total of 9 people turning up at the outing. It was dismal to say the least. Not to mention that only Darrell out of the ten guys in 1A3 came. And since some had to leave early, it ended up being kind of a quiet affair. But it was nice in its own way. Small gatherings are conducive for catching up and talking to other people. Really talking to them, instead of just the customary small talk and polite civilities exchanged between strangers. So we did that, complete with the latest NYJC gossip and finding out where everyone is. On exchange? Overseas? And so on.

But it was good suaning Darrell again. Lol. Amanda was being her usual cheery smile, together with her signature infectious laughter. Zhihui showed us her graduation pictures. We started talking abt the arts scene in sg. Jolyn, Cindy, Kaiyi and Kexin were very interested. Kexin and me tried teaching bridge to the rest, but it turned out to be too complex to learn in a matter of minutes and so we gave up. It turns out that Kexin knows YS and that Zhihui knows Tabitha, my upper secondary school partner who sits next to me. It’s all a very small world in Singapore. Just draw the connecting dots. Think friendster.

And so we record our lives, the poignant moments and the mundane ones. That’s what pictures and photos are for too, are they not? To plead the fleeting moment to remain. I’ve always liked that phrase. It’s like what they said in Everything’s Illuminated. When asked why he collected the things he did, the main character (Elijiah Wood) replied, ‘So that I won’t forget’. Isn’t that the basis of all recording? And I guess it makes time more real. So that the years really don’t slip you by without you knowing.


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